"The Great One" Mark Levin Obliterates Anti Trump Psychiatrist

August 30, 2019





Congressional Dems and their puppets the main stream media have been parading a reportedly unlicensed psychiatrist named Dr. Bandy X Lee around for a while now. Her value to them is in claiming that President Donald Trump's mental health is " visibly deteriorating."


Well known conservative radio show host Mark Levin has apparently had enough of this and on Tuesday confronted her live on his nationally syndicated program. Lets just say that the host did not mess around leaving this writer unsure whether this was an interview or an interrogation of the good Dr. Lee. 


I recommend listening to the interview before continuing because in the interest of time and length I can not transcribe it in its entirety. The interview starts at the 39 minute mark and concludes at 1:14 followed by comments from callers.


 After a few pleasantries it begins.


(ML) “Are you a Democrat?” 


(BL) “I'm not."


(ML) “Did you vote for Hillary Clinton?” 


(BL) “I did,” 


From here to about the 43 minute mark the host further quizzes Dr. Lee on her personal ideology and beliefs. In the interest of time I will let you listen to that section on your own.


The most interesting part to me was when the host steers the conversation onto President Donald Trump.


One thing this writer always appreciates about Mark Levin is his ability to back people into a corner. This begins with a very simple question asked of Dr. Lee.


(ML) "Have you ever met the president?"


(BL) "I have not."


(ML) "Have you ever spoken to the President?"


(BL) "No"


The host then asks Dr. Lee about where she gets her information that she bases her opinion on.


Dr. Lee must not know much about Mark Levin or she would have chosen her words much more carefully. The host never asks a direct question unless he already knows the answer.


Lee claims that her "diagnosis" was based in large part on the information contained in the Mueller report.




(ML) "No, no, no wait a minute, you wrote your book before the Mueller report. I'll get to the Mueller report in a minute."


(BL) Ok...Ok..."


(ML) "I read your book, I even site it in my book. I read the very (assessments?). 


(BL) What is your book?"


(ML) "Unfreedom of the press.


I am not sure if this was an attempted dodge, it sounded like one to me anyway but the host was not distracted.


He steered her right back on his path by questioning when she first became alarmed by what she saw as a problem with the Presidents state of mind.


How was her "diagnosis" of the President reached.


(BL) “The alarm for myself, early 2016 I believe … his interactions... I saw between the presidential candidate Donald Trump and his rally attendees. And so it was real-time interaction and response in real life, as recorded of course, but it was an observation of real interaction.”


The host pushes her a little closer to that corner.


(ML) “And so you looked at the president and his rally, and you saw the people who were applauding him, and the things that were said and done upset you … or was it all clinical?”


His next question was a pitfall trap.


(ML) “You did know, obviously, scientific diagnosis, that’s not possible from a distance,”


At the time the time Lee admits to have started her unethical diagnosis of President Trump, 2016, then-APA (American Psychiatric Association) president Maria A. Oquendo issued a statement warning psychiatrists from participating in armchair analysis.


“Every four years, the United States goes through a protracted elections process for the highest office in the land. This year, the election seems like anything but a normal contest, that has at times devolved into outright vitriol,”


“The unique atmosphere of this year’s election cycle may lead some to want to psychoanalyze the candidates, but to do so would not only be unethical, it would be irresponsible.”


As stated in a tweet by Paul Sacca, there is actually a rule that Dr. Lee was apparently unaware of that addresses this very thing. Its called the Goldwater Rule.



.“Since 1973, the American Psychiatric Association and its members have abided by a principle commonly known as ‘the Goldwater Rule,’ which prohibits psychiatrists from offering opinions on someone they have not personally evaluated,” 


“The rule is so named because of its association with an incident that took place during the 1964 presidential election. During that election, Fact magazine published a survey in which they queried some 12,356 psychiatrists on whether candidate Sen. Barry Goldwater, the GOP nominee, was psychologically fit to be president. A total of 2,417 of those queried responded, with 1,189 saying that Goldwater was unfit to assume the presidency.”


Not only does Dr. Lee seem to be unaware of this rule she out right disputes it.


(BL) In response “That’s untrue … it’s been scientifically proven that for certain conditions, a diagnosis is more accurate from a distance, without a personal interview."


“Nowadays diagnoses are based on… outside observations — just observing the person… in a personal interview the person… can sometimes mislead you.”


This is blatantly untrue according what we already know the APA has said in its statement. The APA is the absolute authority when it comes to any form of psychological methodology.


When pushed by the host Dr. Lee immediately tries to back peddle but only moves herself further into the corner.


(BL) “I have never diagnosed. I’m not interested in diagnosing, I’m not interested in the personal mental health of Donald Trump. I am only interested in the public health effects.”


This is another blatant lie because claiming someone has any form of mental disorder is in fact a diagnosis.



The host did not let this slide.


(ML) “This is double-speak. You don’t have a single scientific diagnosis from which you can analyze the mental health of the President of the United States.”


Or her attempt to claim that her "diagnosis" was not in any way politically motivated.


(BL) “It does not have to do with one’s political party. In political discourse, you give both sides equal say. But in medicine, medical neutrality means you bring the same standards, no matter what political party — and if the person meets the standards, you make the assessment.”


(ML) “But you don’t [act neutral]. I went through your book, doctor, show me the list of your standards… No offense, you sound like a palm reader. I’m asking you where are the standards?” 


After a pretty heated back and forth between Dr. Lee and Mark Levin it seems pretty clear that in the hosts opinion Dr. Lee has no standards. In fact Levin goes as far as to call Dr. Lee a disgrace and this writer would tend to agree with him. 


After listening to this interview and other information, its clear in my opinion that Dr. Lee is in fact politically motivated to the point of completely disregarding the established rules of her own association, the APA, who sets the guidelines that she as a professional must follow.


A quick look at Twitter concerning this issue shows that many, including other psychiatrists are also of the opinion that Dr. Lee is a "disgrace" to her profession.






Goal #39 from the 45 communist goals to overthrow Western civilization as written in "The Naked Communist" by Cleon Skousen 1958.


"Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose communist goals."


[Note: Psychiatry remains a bulwark of the communist agenda of fostering self-criticism and docility.]



All blog posts from The Ugly Truth Project are my opinions based on the information provided within the post itself. I am NOT a journalist.



































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