Random Thoughts... "Its not a human being."

October 3, 2019






So I got up this morning and poured my coffee, sat down and turned on the TV for some morning propaganda as usual. But I got distracted.


The TV was on Science channel which it is quite frequently and "Worlds Strangest" was on. It was an old episode from 6 years ago but I had not seen it. The segment caught my attention because it was talking about gravity and how it changes from one place to another on Earth. I am pretty sure most of us Gen X people learned in grade school that the Earth is not a sphere, its elliptical. This makes gravitational pull greater or less depending on where on Earth you are at the time. Even going to the top of a skyscraper can change the gravitational pull making us weigh less. It is measured in tenths or hundredths of ounces but science has proven the theory. The difference is quantifiable.


But anyway. It was the next segment that I found fascinating for more than one reason. You know we have dope dogs that can sniff out illicit drugs despite most efforts to mask the odor. These animals take months to train at considerable expense so science is coming up with an alternative to dogs.


Bees, as in honey bees.


They take these critters and shove them into rows and rows of little clamps so that only their heads are sticking out inside of what looks like a futuristic Dirt Devil hand held vacuum. The bees were trained in minutes to react to a smell associated with a sugar treat. They stick their tongues out for the sugar treat every time they smell the given drug or explosives. By doing this the bees tongue breaks a beam of light which can trigger an electronic sound, or digital display. A bunch of bee tongues breaking that beam and you got an alarm. Bees die, just shove new ones in there. You do not even have to feed them.




At first I am like, that's fascinating as hell man! But then a moment later my mind processed the logistics of this process and I am thinking man, that's messed up.


If you are the Bee that is. And then as my mind tends to do, it cascaded into a whole psychological journey of thought.


Honey bees on average do not live any longer than 6 months or so depending on time of mating. That longevity would change considerably when their lives are spent clamped into an electronic device being teased with smells and denied the reward. (In human terms... torture.)


No matter how you slice it that's a pretty messed up thing to do to another living creature IF we put it into human terms. But we do NOT put it into human terms precisely so that we do not have to think about how messed up it is for the Bee. 


We dehumanize it. We say "it is not a human being" and that somehow justifies anything we do to this living creature. Science says that Bees and most other creatures do not have high enough thought processes to understand what is happening to them.


Well it seems to me that the only way you could know that for certain is if you are a Bee. And they ain't talking.


We have used this same justification for many, many horrible things throughout our history. Animal research for cosmetics and medicine, raising and killing animals for food, hunting predators to the point of extinction in order to protect those animals we will later kill and eat ourselves. We simply do not really think about the fact that these are living beings just like us because we have our out.


"Its not a human being." 




We have also applied this rationalization to our fellow humans. Every culture on this Earth has at one time in its history been both slave and slave holder. Every culture that has ever existed has been there. To enslave another human being it is necessary to dehumanize them.


"Its not a human being". 


The socialist tyrants of the 20th century used this rationalization to justify wholesale mass murder in their brutal quest to seize and hold onto power and control. Over a hundred million people left dead in their wake in that century alone. To do this it is necessary to dehumanize those you intend to oppress and slaughter. Hitler for example referred to the Jews he murdered as cockroaches. What do we do with cockroaches? We exterminate them.


"Its not a human being."


We have not changed over the course of history either. We have not learned from the past. At least not as a whole we haven't.


We can see the same mentality within millions in our global society today. We see the same dehumanizing tactics used by the socialists of yesteryear being used by the socialists of today. And just as then we have Islamists pushing their own totalitarianism. Including their 1400 year old slave trade that is still in illegal operation today in Africa and elsewhere. Their treatment of those who disagree with them is horrific, including being put to death.


"Its not a human being."





In western societies like our own calling people who disagree with the leftist ideology dehumanizing names like racist, Nazi, homophobes or Islamaphobe for example. These labels drip with hypocrisy. Identifying people as these terrible things is to associate them with hate and they are to be despised. This is the process of dehumanizing them so that any atrocities committed against them are "justified" because they are hateful people. We see this daily with reports on ANTIFA. Anyone who disagrees with the collectivist ideology of socialism is labeled a fascist and must be silenced by any means necessary. The problem is that this is in itself the tactics of fascism. It is exactly what Hitler did with his Brown Shirts, and Mussolini with his Black Shirts. They call themselves by a different name but they are the same fascist thugs as their predecessors. What we are dealing with today is the incestuous child of Nazi style fascism and Stalinist communism. Both ideologies have their corrupt roots in the same dark pool of Marxism. The source of all socialism and fascism is Marxism. And with all we see the same rationality for their atrocities.


"Its not a human being."


Today we call it post modernism and cultural Marxism that is responsible for the spread of identity politics and political correctness we see today. It is the well from which the revisionist movement springs which of course gives birth to the indoctrination of children through public education. Filling their minds with a revisionist history that keeps children ignorant and compliant to state control. These children are not allowed to develop their own personalities and are never taught the benefits of coping skills and critical thinking. They are engineered to be exactly what the state wants them to be. Tools for their own enrichment. In other words, slaves. It also feeds the massive machine that is the main stream media bombarding us with propaganda and disinformation. They only allow us to know what they want us to know and use their influence to manipulate the way we think. Ignorance is the tool of tyrants.


Such as using this disinformation to pit us against each other in perpetual division and mistrust as well as bringing some of us around to the same old rationalization for mass murder used by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Lenin. The same rationalization we see in Venezuela today where people are eating garbage to survive. They have no healthcare, no clean water, and electricity is unreliable. All while Maduro and his cronies live the lives of royalty. The total death toll of this round with socialism is yet to be determined. To starve the people you swore an oath to serve while you dine on caviar can only be done if you do not see those people as human. They are subjects for you to use and discard without pity. In other words, slaves.


"Its not a human being."




We are euthanizing the elderly and the disabled simply to cut costs of caring for them. We have legalized assisted suicide for people who may simply be depressed and want to give up. Instead of treating them and improving their quality of life we let them throw it away and call it "their decision."


And of course we have our most diabolical of inhumanities. We murder around 46 million unborn children every year who's mangled body parts often end up being sold to tissue and organ brokers. Body parts on demand with a never ending supply due to the leftist elimination of morality. Abortion allows one to escape the consequences of their irresponsible behavior. All at the cost of a child's life who had no choice in  its creation, but pays the ultimate price for it. 46 million times a year. And the jackals scoop these murdered babies up and greedily sell them for profit.


Its OK though right, just like the Bee?


"Its not a human being."




 "Human Capital" part 2

 "Human Capital" part 3




"Another word for humanity is compassion. If we are not teaching it to the next generation we can hardly expect them to show it to us."


                                                                                                    ~The Ugly Truth Project



All of my blog posts on The Ugly Truth Project are my opinions based on the information provided within the post itself. I provide information from my perspective, do with it what you will.









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