Random Thoughts... "Whistleblower"

October 6, 2019


So we unsurprisingly have a 2nd "whistleblower/leaker" who has come forward.

I believe this was expected by most of us, it fits the pattern that the democrats have used every time they try to destroy some one. They are nothing if not predictable.


I am really curious though exactly what this new person has to offer. I mean we have seen the transcripts of the entire call, we know what was said, by who, and when it was said.



We however do not know what was all said in the 9+ hours of testimony the other day because Schiff and the rest of the dems are only releasing their cherry picked information and the media sells it. They are doing exactly what they accused the Trump team of doing during the Mueller which hunt. Straight up double standard and hypocrisy.


We the people deserve to see everything. Trump laid all of his cards on the table for we the people to see and make up our own minds.


The Democrats are not being reciprocal. They are only letting us know a carefully edited version of what was said and that version of course works in their favor. Especially now that they have a new leaker ready to step in and say what they want them to say. How do we know if what they say is relevant unless we know everything that they do?


This is called a frame up people and they are using our orchestrated ignorance to build it.


I have no doubt that in the end it will collapse just like every other frame up the dems have tried. The problem is though that it does not matter to democrats if it does. They are obsessed with power and control to the point that they have tunnel vision.


They just need to keep the misled masses angry and offended. Truth means nothing, all that matters is how much outrage they can create at the moment. By the time the truth is put out there the damage is already done and all but irreversible. As long as their base believes their lies either through ignorance or intimidation, they will not start asking questions.


Questions about why everything they accuse Trump of seems to be exactly what the Democrats have been doing for decades. They must keep these people focused on Trump at all costs.


This is their game and they are following the words of the games inventor to a tee.


Karl Marx: "Accuse your enemy of what you are doing, for you are doing it to create confusion."




Cover Image Source: http://www.cochranfirmdc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Whistleblower-Lawyer.jpg

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