Random Thoughts... "My Fellow Americans"

October 11, 2019



My fellow Americans.


Seriously man, we have got to start looking at what is going on here.


It is past time we set the political BS aside and see what is really happening around us.


Its past time to start paying attention.


Joe Biden and the leftists are telling media outlets that they CAN NOT run campaign ads from the Trump campaign if they criticize Biden and his son. They are also trying to tell media outlets that they can not have certain people like Rudy Giuliani on their programs because he is exposing their corruption.


Its not going to be long before they tell them that they can not run ads by his campaign at all. Mark my words right now and watch.


They are saying loud and clear that we the people and their political opponents can not criticize them, or bring up possible crimes or ethical wrong doings they may have been involved with in the past or the present.


This is totalitarianism, the very thing they have so many people convinced that President Trump is doing.









a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.




That means you can't criticize them.


Be honest, who does this sound more like, Trump, or the Democrats?


What the left is doing is the very definition of totalitarianism. They are acting like the dictators they want you to believe that Donald Trump is. Even though Trump is literally doing the exact opposite of this definition. He is trying to de centralize the government and give the power back to us. He does not try to stop anyone from criticizing him. This is how we know that Trump is NOT the fascist the actual fascist are claiming he is.


Karl Marx set the rules. "Accuse your enemy of what you are doing for you are doing it to cause confusion."


At some time we need to stop listening to what these leftists are SAYING and start paying more attention to what they are DOING. Or NOT doing as the case may be.


The philosopher Voltaire is credited with a quote that tells us exactly how to identify dictators and totalitarian governments. It is also the best way to identify fascism which is a totalitarian ideology.


"If you wish to know who RULES OVER YOU, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."


Now the leftists have been trying to discredit this quote as not being by Voltaire and therefore meaningless. They have been doing this with many quotes lately that point out who they really are. But in the big picture... who the hell really cares WHO said it because it is exactly right. History proves it.


We have got to start setting the emotions aside people and start thinking, logically and with common sense, not feelings.


This is not a game guys. We are at the precipice of foolishly giving away our rights and submitting to an ideology that has been tried over a hundred times and has a 100% failure rate. Its greatest accomplishment... 100 million dead. Let that sink in.


Step away from the noise so you can really think again. The leftists are showing us exactly what life will be like if they are in control. We just have to stop listening to the propaganda and start thinking for ourselves again. We are running out of time.


"The best way to judge ones character is not by their words, but by their actions."  ~The Ugly Truth Project


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