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December 21, 2019







OK. I guess enough time has passed for most of the misled masses to come to the realization that Donald Trump is still President of the United States.


They have probably learned by now that impeachment is simply a charge against the President. One part of a much larger process. Like all charges, they are nothing without a trial to establish the guilt of those charges which is done in the Senate. The House does not have the power to remove a sitting president. Only a Senate trial can remove a president if they find him guilty of the impeachment charges. If the paperwork is not sent to the Senate from the House then the impeachment never happened and it all gets dismissed.


Many were absolutely convinced that Trump had been removed from office by Nancy Pelosi and the other communists' coup attempt. They were all over social media celebrating a lie. If you are one of these people, you know who you are.


You're the ones getting angry right now while reading this. If you were not one of those people who were fooled, you have no reason to be angry now, do you?


Must have been a lot of red faces out there in liberal land once people started realizing just how ignorant to how our government works they really are.


Must have been damned embarrassing. No one likes to be made a fool of, especially when they make a fool of themselves due to their own lack of knowledge.


I would be laughing my a$$ off if it was not so sad and pathetic. Not to mention incredibly dangerous to this country and our democratic process. 


If people have no clue how the government works then the government can pretty much do anything they want to and say it's legal or right.


Who is it that will challenge them on it if no one knows the truth about how it works? That is a hallmark of Soviet style communism.


Come on, guys, you may be getting taken for a ride by the Democrats but you are not stupid. What exactly is it going to take before you open your eyes and start asking questions? like, why did you think Trump had been removed from office in the first place, why did you so readily believe that he was? This can apply to everything so don't limit yourself, its all part of critical thinking.


My generation learned how impeachment worked in grade school. In fact, I learned how the entire government works in grade school.


Why didn't a lot of you?


Simple answer: they do not teach it anymore. They teach a revisionist (untrue and misleading) process of how our government works. In other words, they lie to you. For example telling people that the Speaker of the House is equal to the President. That is absolutely not true and a little reading can verify that fact. Depending on what one reads of course.


Now, why would they stop teaching citizens how their government works, or lying about it for that matter?


Could it be because the less you know about it the easier you are to lie to and manipulate?


Ignorance is the tool of tyrants for this very reason. Every tyrant throughout history has used the same tool. All of them, and these tyrants on the left are doing the same exact thing today.


They only get away with it because people fall for it. If it were not for the misled masses that blindly follow them, the left would have no power at all. Let that one sink in a minute. The same goes for every tyrant in history.


But far too many in today's America can not recognize it because they were never taught HOW to recognize it. They were taught a lie and programmed to be reactionary instead of logical. Instead of taking a minute and saying "hmmm, that doesn't sound quite right" and start asking questions, they react with outrage and anger which is 100% incompatible with common sense and critical thinking.


It's as old of a tactic as humans themselves. If you want to keep people off balance and making poor choices... keep them in a highly emotional state of mind. Every manipulator in the world knows and uses this tactic.


Test it yourself. Look back over your own life and make a list of the worst decisions you have ever made. I would bet my bottom dollar (and if you are honest) they all pretty much share the same thing in common. You made those decisions while in an emotional state. Your emotions made those decisions, not your logical mind.


The only person who can truly decide what you know is yourself. If you continue to let other people do your thinking for you, that is a choice.


Or you can start making yourself better informed by doing some research and finding out for yourself if these people really are telling you the truth or not. That is also a choice.


It all comes down to personal responsibility and holding ones self accountable for the decisions we make. Right or wrong, good and bad, we made them, no one else.


I am not saying "take my word for it" either. I am saying the exact opposite. Don't trust me, don't trust anyone. Listen to what people say and then find out for yourself if it's true. That is the only way you will ever know for sure.


The left tells you to trust what they say explicitly and ignore anything else. Or they claim it is all lies by silencing that information through censorship. They are deciding what you can and cannot know. 


That in itself should be a gigantic red flag for anyone because they are telling you right there that THEY are in charge of what YOU can believe and think. THEY decide what information you can and cannot have.


That's called fascism my friends. Recognize it for what it is. 


I personally live by the philosophy of; "Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, verify everything." Someone can tell me anything they want to but I am not going to believe it until I verify it for myself and I don't care who says it.


If you do not take the time to verify the truth of what people tell you then the only person

responsible for your ignorance and anything that may come from it, is yourself.


Why exactly WOULD so many people blindly believe what other people tell them. Look up two things. Collectivism, and group think. You will find your answers to that question there.


We all have that little voice in our head that warns us things are not quite right somehow. But we have to choose to listen to it. If we don't, then, whatever happens, is on us and no one else.

This grand embarrassment over impeachment should serve as a wakeup call for people. A wakeup call that should also be used as a learning opportunity.


Some will get it, some won't. It all really comes down to how you react to this writing.

Does this make you get mad at the people who are making a fool of you, lying to you and using you?


Or does it make you get mad at me and others for pointing out the fact that they ARE making a fool out of you, lying to you, and using you?


The answer to that question will determine just how far down the rabbit hole you really are.


The first questions you should sit down and ask yourself about the left's narrative is this.

If socialism (because no matter what it is, it all comes down to implementing socialism. That is the end goal.) is so good, why do they have to lie by keeping information from you? Why do they have to trick you and force others into agreeing to it? Why would they have to work so hard to make sure you can not make your own decisions based on ALL of the information and not just what THEY think you should know?


While you are at it ask yourself why the majority of people fleeing to America are fleeing FROM a socialist country, not to one?


And then ask yourself WHY it's necessary to hate a bunch of people you do not even know just because they disagree with the controlled information you are getting?


Could it be so that you will not listen to the people who know the truth? We do not hate you, why do you hate us? Can you honestly answer that question, what has any of these people done to you personally so that you would hate them? Hate is personal.


All of these questions are simple common sense people, it's a wonderful thing if we use it.


The key part of this statement being "if we use it." Because we all have it, some of us just choose to not utilize it.


Think, learn, verify and question everything. You are only ignorant in America if you choose to be. You are only misled, if you allow it.


All it takes to stop being ignorant is to start asking questions. But I warn you ahead of time. As soon as you start asking those questions the left will turn on you like a pack of wild animals. That fear is a major reason why so many people get caught up in group think to begin with. 


You will also learn very quickly what the lefts true nature is. Conform or die. That's not freedom people, that's slavery.


Remember one last thing. If you can not come up with valid and verifiable reasons why you believe something, its because you did not come to that conclusion yourself. If you had, you would be able to name every valid reason you thought about that led you to believe it in the first place.  If you can't, you are simply repeating someone else's beliefs, not your own.


Why not give what I say a try and things like this embarrassment won't happen as much, I mean what exactly do you have to lose by doing so?


The only thing I see you would lose would be living a lie. I see that as a good thing to lose myself.


"Simply not knowing the truth is ignorance. Knowing the truth and refusing to accept it is stupidity." ~The Ugly Truth Project


Cover photo source: https://static.skepticalscience.com/graphics/1_2_4_groupThink_med.jpg


More on Group think. Interesting stuff.




















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