Iran's Saber-Rattling And Leftist Fear Mongering (Opinion)

January 8, 2020






All that crap with the Iran missiles yesterday, its all saber-rattling. Those of us born before the '80s have seen them do this crap for a long time. But those who know nothing of American or world history will not know that. Which is exactly why it was never taught to them.




Keep people ignorant and fearful and they are very easy to manipulate. Hitler knew it, Stalin knew it, Mao knew it, Castro knew it, and so does the leftists in our own government. It is a well known and well used tactic by communists and other tyrants throughout history. Just like many of them are being manipulated right now by the left and their puppets the mainstream media. They are fear mongering as they always do in order to sway public opinion to their narrative. You have to really consider if someone who will use fear to get their way is truly someone you want in control of your life. Just sayin.




Iran needed to make a show, save face without killing anyone so that America will not have an excuse to bomb their a$$e$ back into the stone age. We can do it too and hardly break a sweat. But behind all of the bluster and noise-making, I believe they are pissing down their leg. They do not want a war with America because if they did there would be casualties right now. The fact that we do not have any means they flinched and threw some missiles at empty targets to make themselves look tough. They prefer the cowardly acts of terrorism to direct confrontation because they are just that, cowards. We could eliminate their military in a few well planned attacks and they know it. Do not let their screeching fool you, they backed down.



And our President is showing great restraint and diplomacy by letting them have their saber-rattling and not retaliating. There really is no need to retaliate unless they take American lives. Just like the drone they shot down. No retaliation because no American lives were lost. We will just build another drone.




There was also most likely the hope that Trump would be stupid enough to kill some of their people in retaliation as well, giving them a platform to piss and moan to the world from. Play the victim. Which is what they are best at. Pick a fight and then cower behind public opinion when they get their ass handed to them.



Typical bullies.




Trump is not that easily fooled. He is not Bush or Clinton after all. Obama was a whole different animal though. He was selling us out IMO and what he did was intentional, not because of fear. He was actively trying to destroy this country by empowering a sociopathic nation of barbarians with illegal cash payments and traitors advising them on how to bring us down. Remember the Roman Empire? They were brought down by barbarians because they became so weak from social division and corruption, perversion, that they could no longer protect their lands. The perverted minds of their own leaders paved the way through appeasement and capitulation.




Sound familiar?




Iran stared those weak-minded Presidents down and they flinched which is the reason Iran thinks they can push Trump around as well. It's the same tactic we experienced from North Korea pretty much since their inception and for the moment, Trump brought that to a screeching halt as well. By NOT caving to the fear mongering left or the loud mouthed North Koreans. He chose to protect this country and we the people, not the globalist elites who are trying to take over the world.



Thank you for that Mr. President. 




No other president has stood up to Iran's BS like Trump is and it has put them back on their heels. They do not know how to handle it because the last several Presidents of this country ran scared and took the route of appeasement.




ON A SIDE NOTE: If you wonder where this attitude of appeasement by the leftists (not necessarily Democrats) in our government comes from, read the 45 communist goals to overthrow the U.S. posted below. The first three explain it best. They are all about appeasement and America's surrender to the fear of atomic war. Which is of course why the left is constantly fear mongering about nuclear war. They need the public to give in out of fear which is also why they have indoctrinated an entire generation to fear just about everything and never grow up. Children are easy to scare even if those children are 30 years old. After all, being a child has nothing to do with age, it has to do with maturity and how someone thinks. I have known a ton of middle aged adolescents in my life and the left is using education to pump them out by the score. This is all planned, its in the script so to speak so take a little time and read through their play book. Compare to what is happening and has been happening that people just have not been paying attention to for far too long. These goals mirror the tactics laid out in Saul Alinsky Rules For Radicals, the leftists bible as well.




This is planned people and all of those honeyed words the left uses to manipulate you are just that, words. Once they have the power and you have no rights to protect yourself with anymore, you will see the truth. But of course, by then it will be far to late to do anything about it. You gave up your rights and protections from the government when you accept socialism. It's an all or nothing deal man. 




Now is the time to wake up and see the truth because right now we still the rights and protections of the constitution, which means we still have the power to fight back.




Once those rights are gone it will be centuries before they ever return. If they ever do. In a nut shell, if I am right and you are wrong about what will happen, you will be condemning generations of your descendants to a life of servitude to the elites. If they are not killed or replaced entirely by the global whirlpool of mass migration.




I don't know about anyone else but to me that is one hell of a price to pay for refusing to admit you might be wrong about this. Generations of slavery because people can't set their ego aside and open their eyes to the truth. Or even the possibility that they may be wrong. That's called narcissism and its being used to control you.




This is not right thinking, its not left thinking, it is self-preservation thinking, human thinking because history has shown us what is going to happen. The same thing has happened every time socialism has been implemented.




The same thing will happen again because its the ideology itself that is flawed. The conflict theory by Marx, is flawed. It will never work.




There is no shame in getting fooled by people who make their living fooling people. It happens to people all around the globe every day.



They are called grifters, and the most successful grifters become politicians. The truth does not matter in their world. The only thing that matters is how many people they can convince that what THEY are saying is the truth. They are liars and hide their true intentions behind pretty words and promises until they get what they want. Power and control, that is their goal. Absolute power. And if they have absolute power then by default they have power OVER someone else. 



And that someone else is US guys. Connect the dots. Freedom is the control over ones own life. If you do not have that then that means someone else does. That makes you a slave.




It is foolish however to allow them to continue lying to you once you know that they are.





"Simply not knowing the truth is ignorance, knowing the truth and refusing to accept it is stupidity." ~The Ugly Truth Project




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