Random Thoughts... (folie à deux) Shared Psychosis (Opinion)

January 14, 2020

People who follow my ramblings I call Random Thoughts have heard me talk more than once about how I see the whole pushing young children into becoming transgender by their parents as a form of Munchausen by Proxy. The parent(s) uses the child's (transitioning) as a means of bringing attention to themselves. At great emotional and physical toll to the child I must add.


I have also posited on many occasions that much of what we are experiencing today is a product of psychological warfare being executed on our society. Especially our young people.


Disclaimer: I am not a Psychiatrist, I have no distinguished letters after my name. I am just a guy who reads (I mean I read EVERYTHING) and these are my own opinions based on what I have read. It is NOT meant as a diagnosis. If you feel you may be experiencing this or any other serious psychiatric disorder, please do not wait, contact a mental health professional immediately. Help is available but they will not come to you, you must take the first step.


So, I got to thinking the other day that there must be another side to this coin, there must be a psychological disorder that causes the children to go along with this insanity from their parents. Other than the abuse of the unconditional trust children have for their parents of course. From there I thought about the fact that it is not just young children but teenagers and even young adults that are getting sucked into this phenomena as well, by people other than a parent. There must be something that can account for this.


So I hit the books, (internet).


I found a disorder called Folie à deux, which means shared psychosis or shared delusional disorder, shared psychotic disorder. There are of course expanded versions to cover multiple people affected and even groups of people as well. When this syndrome is shared by more than two people it is often called folie à trois, folie à quatre, folie en famille ("family madness"), or even folie à plusieurs ("madness of several") Think about cults.  I dug in and during my reading I became more and more convinced that this psychological syndrome was at least in the ball park of what I was looking for, it fits in my mind.


I am going to post two video's, the first is an explanation of what this disorder is, and the  second is a video I found from the 1950's that shows a Psychiatrist actually interviewing  a mother and daughter who are living with shared delusional disorder. It's quite fascinating.


Pay close attention to the first video though and watch it to the end, notice how she links group think to this disorder which was pretty much a clincher for me because in older people, teenagers and young adults, they are very caught up in collectivism today which is a constant bedfellow of group think. Give them a watch and then we will continue.



 Again, those who follow my ramblings have heard me talk about this stuff before, I just did not know the psychological term for it until now. And that is why I read.


While I was reading and watching video's about this disorder it reminded me of a movie I watched once called "Bug" with Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon (2006).  It is about a mentally fragile waitress who meets a delusional war vet suffering from Parasitophobia and they start living together. No spoilers but she begins to adopt his phobia as her own. I do not recommend watching the 1975 original because it is so cheesy you probably would not make it through the whole thing. I didn't. I have posted a link at the bottom of the page where if you do not mind watching it in a 7"x 5" window you can watch the entire remake for free. Or its also for rent on YouTube as well for 4 bucks and some change in HD. Its worth a watch, especially if one is into deep psychological horror movies like I am. Otherwise it really portrays the possible severity of shared delusional syndrome on a very visceral level.






I am not going to ramble much longer on this Random Thought because well, I am sick as hell and I have honestly ran out of steam. I just needed to get it out of my head before something else replaces it and I wanted to pass on what I found to any who may be interested, get any comments for when I feel up to getting back in the game.


I figure I have provided enough information to start a good discussion anyway on how this disorder connects to many other things I have said in the past like the connection to collectivism and group think which is beyond a doubt being used to manipulate young minds today. Very much like a cult. Young people are being isolated into groups with other people who share the same thinking as they do and that makes independent thought all but impossible. Add to that a never ending narrative of entitlement feeding their narcissism and a belief in their own victimhood that makes them isolate themselves from those who can tell them the truth. Not just isolate themselves, they hate us, and that hate was manufactured by the leftists to keep them from ever trusting us. Even though they are our own children in many cases.


I have made no secret about my belief that everything that is happening today has its roots in psychological manipulation. In other words using psychological disorders to not only entrap but manipulate and control those who have been made intentionally ignorant through a corrupt education system, controlled by a corrupt government. They are indoctrinated to be exactly what they are. Nihilistic radicals. People quite often call me just another conspiracy theorist so my mission is to connect what I personally believe to actual disorders and show how they are being used. I also hope to change the thinking of as many people as I can along the way.


This is one more dot in my thinking.


I look forward to any comments or thoughts and remember, don't trust what I say, don't trust what anyone says until you verify it for yourself. Our mission is not to change your mind, it is to change the way you think. Once that happens the mind will change on it's own.




"Within ones own mind lies everything necessary to manipulate them. The trick is determining what that is and the secret is in doing it so that they are oblivious to your efforts.

~The Ugly Truth Project




Mental illness is no laughing matter and it is NOT just a different type of personality that needs to be accepted as normal. Mental illness can lead to destructive behavior and self isolation spireling into a sense of no self worth that quite often are the stepping stones to suicidal tendencies.


Your life matters, YOU matter and there are many people willing to help. But you have to reach out for that help and anyone who tries to prevent you from seeking that help does not have your best interest at heart. Seek those who support you, not those who would hold you back from your full potential. A better life is possible.


National Alliance on Mental Illness Helpline (daytime hours only) 



National HELPLINE (24 hour hotline operates 365 days a year) They cover everything



Full remake of "BUG" in box format- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kefVDHXgbFs

Youtube rental $3.99- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERUnPsVcW_Y


For reference on Group Think and Collectivist thought from my mind. 



Part 1



Part 2













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