Facebook Seems To Exposes Its Own Bias...See Inside (Updated 02/03/2020)

February 3, 2020



So I posted an image on Facebook, I think it was yesterday and today Facebook notified me that the image violates its community standards. I hit the button for a Review and it said that it was going to be reviewed. When I went back to look again all notifications are gone. But that is not going to stop me from writing this because the POST is still gone.




Any way, they said that the following image violated community standards because something to do with dangerous persons or organizations, groups. Something like that. Here is the image they removed.



Knowing Facebook it is questionable what they consider offensive, the American flag or the Swastika. But I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the Swastika is what they removed the image for. It does represent a dangerous group. But here is the deal where I say the bias comes in.


The following are just a few of the images I found currently on Facebook and viewable by everyone. I found all of them within just a few minutes. They all have two things in common and the Swastika is just one of them.


Facebook claims to have a problem with the Swastika in the image above that I posted, but they appear to not have any problems with the following images because THEY have not been removed from Facebook.


Lets take a look!













Now as I mentioned earlier, these are just a few of the images that I found currently on Facebook that show a Swastika. Many of them have been on Facebook for years.


But my image gets flagged as violating their community standards within 12 hours because it shows... you guessed it, a Swastika.


I don't know about you but I am leaning towards the Swastika not being the problem because like I said. These images have been on Facebook for years some of them.


That's the bias that I see and I think it is the message my image makes that they do not like, not the Swastika since well, its obvious is it not?


I also found these with a quick search on Facebook just to see what came up. Groups that anyone can look up that use the word Nazi which would of course also be associated with the same dangerous group that the Swastika is. That being the case, they should have been removed for violating the same community standards my image supposedly did. Right?


 Videos that show Swastika's and Nazi's.




 Links to things that refer to Nazi's and Swastikas.




I could Keep going but suffice it to say that the Swastika, the word Nazi, and every other reference to Nazi's is literally all over Facebook.


It is everywhere.


But the image I posted violates Facebooks community standards.


So those are my thoughts on it and since I have shared them with you, what do you think?


UPDATE: After writing this piece Facebook notified me that my post mentioned in this writing has been placed back on my Facebook pages. I am not going to speculate whether my writing this blog post made them put it back or they just came to their senses. To me it does not matter anyway. Facebook does not give us a chance to correct something wrong so I am not cutting them any slack either.


Turn about is fair play.








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