I have finally integrated my PODCAST and Videos into the website so everything is available in one place. Just click the respective tabs. Right now the videos are coming through the (standard) YouTube so quality is not that great. I am waiting on a reply from Wix support in hopes of solving an issue with putting my own videos on the page which should hopefully solve the quality issue because they should post in HD. 
Once I start adding videos to Rumble I will see how the quality is there.  
I have also removed a couple of pages like the "Forums" page since no one used them anyway. I replaced it with this tab "Announcements" and I think that should be self explanitory. In the future look here for any updates or important information.
The other page was more of a rework on the PODCAST page in order to integrate from Soundcloud.
I am working on pulling all of this together and I even seem to have aquired my first troll. I will keep learning and plugging away at it.